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How to create a dial-up networking connection to CrispNet

1. Click on the Make New Connection icon in the dial-up networking box, located in My Computer.


2. In the Make New Connection box, enter Crispnet for the computer you are dialing, make sure your modem highlighted in the Select a device section, and then hit Next.


3. Enter in a local dial-up number in the Telephone number box, and hit next. To view a list of local dial-up numbers, click here.


4. Click Finish on the conformation screen.

5. Right click on the CrispNet icon, located in Dial-up Networking, and select Properties. Select Server Types from the properties box. In the Advanced options section, make sure Enable software compression has a check in its box, and that the other options are unchecked. In the Allowed network protocols section, make sure only TCP/IP is check, and the other 2 protocols are unchecked.


6. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button, which will bring up the TCP/IP Settings box. Leave Server assigned IP address checked. Check Specify name server addresses. Enter in for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS. Leave Primary and Secondary WINS as is.  Make sure Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network are checked, and then click OK to close the window.

7. Click OK to close the properties box.

8. Double click the CrispNet icon and the Connect To box will open. Enter your User Name and Password in the appropriate boxes, and make sure the correct phone number is in the Phone number box. Click Connect to connect to CrispNet

9. To create a shortcut to CrispNet, right click on the CrispNet Icon and select Create Shortcut from the menu. It will tell you that it will place the shortcut on the desktop, and hit OK.

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