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How to publish your web-site

1. To upload your web-site to our servers, you need to use an ftp client.  If you have one, proceed here. If you do not have one, go onto step 2.

2. An easy to use and free ftp client is WS-FTP LE. It can be gotten here or use whatever one you would prefer. Just pick a place to save it when prompted to.

3. Click on Start, then run, and type in the location of the file. Replace the c:\download part where you have the ws-ftp le file saved.


4. As it installs, pick the default values.

6. When you start WS-FTP LE, you will be presented with a session property box. You must fill in the information so that the program knows what to connect to. Fill in these values:

Profile Name: CrispNet
Host Name/Address: www.crisp.net
Host Type: Automatic detect
User ID: your user id
Password: your password
Make sure Anonymous is unchecked and that Account and Comment are left blank.


7. Hit OK from the session box, and WS-FTP LE will connect to our web server. You will then be presented with a screen like the one below. The left site (local system) is what is on your computer, and the right side (remote site) is our server.  Change the local system directory, similar to Windows Explorer,  to the place where your web site stuff is located. 


8. Just drag your files from the local system window into the remote site window, and the program will take care of the uploading of the files.

9. When you have dragged all of your files into the remote site, then you are finished, and your web page is now located at http://www.crisp.net/home/username, where username is your username.

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