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Multi-Homing and BGP
CrispNet is a robust Multi-Homed ISP. What does this mean? Read on...
What is Multi-Homing?
Simply put, Multi-Homing is connecting to more than one separate upstream networks. The upshot is that should one of the connections go down for any reason, all traffic is routed to the other connection. It's much like a four wheel drive SUV. Even if one or two wheels are slipping, the other two still give you traction and power.

What do I get out of it?
In addition to the redundancy, multi-homing also shortens the internet distance between you and your webpages. For instance, if one of the connections is to the same internet area as Yahoo, the page will load faster, since it has less distance across the internet to travel.

What is BGP?
BGP stands for "Border Gateway Protocol". It is the method by which multi-homing is accomplished. Basically, it's the way the routers on the internet talk to each other so they know where to send the information.

What's the Catch?
The only downside of BGP is higher cost and network complexity. These are entirely borne by CrispNet to give you better service!
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