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Internet Solutions with Performance, Reliability and Service since 1994!  
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Driven by the mission to provide reliable and cost-effective Internet Services to the business community, CrispNet Solutions,Inc. has been helping local businesses with their Internet service needs since 1994.

CrispNet offers a wide range of Internet solutions tailored for your business needs.

Why CrispNet?

We understand that from America Online to Earthlink, to UUNet, to many other local ISPs in New Jersey, you have a wide choice in Internet Service Providers today. Why should you choose CrispNet as your provider?

Here are some reasons:
  • Intense focus on business Internet needs. We realize that one cannot be "everything to everyone". By focusing on business community and carefully selecting our customer base, we are better able to serve you.

  • One stop solution to all your Internet needs. From 56Kbps analog Internet access to high speed ISDN and T1 access to custom Internet solutions.

  • Personal local service. We are here to help you with troubleshooting and advice on making the best of Internet.

  • Guaranteed performance. No busy signals, fast servers, and reliable delivery of email and web.

  • A decade of experience in ISP industry. We must be doing something good to survive that long in this hyper changing industry.

  • One of the few ISPs who gives absolutely no busy signal guarantees.

  • Loyal customer base.

  • Local service.

  • Superior backbone connections via multiple leased lines to different geographic backbone networks through different telephone companies.

  • Custom operations infrastructure developed and evolved right at CrispNet.

  • Cost effective. No overheads of big corporations. More bang for the buck.

  • No mazes of voice mail loops when you call.

  • CrispNet is profitable! Contrast this with most other services funded by deep pockets of parent company or IPO money, who have never seen black ink! With solid bottom line year after year, you can rest assured that we are here for real.

"CrispNet developed an Internet strategy for our organization that has paid for itself many times over."

- Alec S.
The Consultants Bureau
"With CrispNet taking care of our Internet needs, we feel that we are an up to date company, reaping the benefits of the 'Net."

- Angelo M., CIO
Auto Parts Manufacturer
"It was very rewarding to know that you were able to go the extra mile to help us put our computer lab together and provide service at a cost we could afford."

-M. Pinheiro
Piscataway Youth Center

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